Who We Are

Positive Impact New York’s Pathways Program offers support services to approximately 150 student-athletes annually.  Originally, Positive Impact New York was founded to provide college scholarship opportunities to high school student-athletes through basketball.  As the organization has evolved, we have come to realize that student-athletes and families need support year round when it comes to navigating their journey.  To accomplish these goals, our Pathways Program has evolved over the past nine years and our current model is as follows:


Pathway Program Elements:

  • M.A.A.P (My Academic Athletic Plan)- M.A.A.P provides student-athletes and families with assistance in reviewing transcripts and schedules and ensuring that all student-athletes are in compliance with NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) guidelines.   M.A.A.P. empowers student-athletes and their families by providing them with academic and athletic support services to increase the number of student-athletes prepared for high school and college.  M.A.A.P. will serve as a support system for student-athletes and the challenges they face during their transition from middle school to high school and high school to college.
  • Bridge Program-The Bridge Program is a student-athlete orientation that aids in bridging the gap between middle school, high school and college, The Bridge Program will be the most comprehensive student-athlete transitional program in Suffolk County and ultimately Long Island. Our vision is to always be the leaders in preparing student-athletes for their transition to and through high school.  The Bridge Program will be an introduction to a new life chapter in academics, athletics, and social lifestyle. Each year the program will look to introduce 50 new student-athletes from various sports.
  • Next Level Mentoring-The Next Level Mentoring program is designed to open the young minds of middle school age (6th -8th grades) students to new possibilities, to build an appreciation for the value of education before they enter high school, and to allow them to explore areas of interest for future studies.  The Next Level Mentoring Program will help assure that middle school students will be less likely to become another high school dropout statistic or be involved in at-risk afterschool activities.


Our Pathways Program aims to assist student-athletes and their families in the navigation of their academic and athletic journeys.