Our Story

In 2004, Terrell Dozier, a former East End basketball star offered Suffolk County basketball players an opportunity to travel around the country in pursuit of college basketball scholarships.  Believing that basketball could open the same doors that it opened for him, Coast 2 Coast Basketball was established.

In 2008, Coast 2 Coast Basketball moved its program to Albany to expand the program in an effort to serve more youth throughout the state of New York.  As the program began to evolve, Coast 2 Coast Basketball changed it's name to Positive Impact New York in 2011.

Since June of 2010, Positive Impact New York has established programs such as the Student-Athlete Academy, Blackboards & Backboards, PINY Skills Academy, Capital District Classic and Middle School Madness.  During this time, PINY has served hundreds of student-athletes throughout the Capital Region.  Realizing that student-athletes need more assistance off the court and field, PINY decided to change it's focus to providing student-athletes and their families with support as they transition through the different levels of their academic and athletic journeys.  

This past July, PINY moved it's program back to its Genesis in Suffolk County.  As PINY enters the next phase of its evolution, PINY will continue to develop tomorrow's leaders by preparing them academically, athletically and socially for life in high school, college and beyond. More specifically, we look to assist our student-athletes and their families with accessing high quality academic, athletic and social opportunities by ensuring that they are educated about the scholastic process.  In order to accomplish this, PINY will pilot their M.A.A.P (My Academic and Athletic Plan), Bridge and Next Level Mentoring programs.  M.A.A.P is a student-athlete consultation service that provides them with assistance with reviewing transcripts and schedules and ensuring that all clients are in compliance with NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) guidelines. The Bridge Program is designed to assist student-athletes make the transition from middle school to high school.  Incoming freshmen have to deal with many new challenges on and off the court.  The Bridge Program will introduce student-athletes to relevant topics that will teach them practices and habits they can use during their high school years.  Student-Athletes who enter the Student-Athlete Bridge Program will be tracked throughout high school to ensure that IF an athletic scholarship is offered, then they will be in a position to accept the scholarship because they are in compliance with the NCAA.  The Next Level Mentoring program is designed to open the young minds of middle school age (6th -8th grades) students to new possibilities, to build an appreciation for the value of education before they enter high school, and to allow them to explore areas of interest for future studies.  The Next Level Mentoring Program will help assure that middle school students will be less likely to become another high school dropout statistic or be involved in at-risk afterschool activities.

Through these programs, PINY will look to expand on the opportunities that are available to our youth.